there are ways to cut corners, and ways to cut corners

July 16, 2010

Next time you do something…

… make sure you don’t cut the wrong corner!

This came to me via a friend’s website; it was posted there for being funny, but I just think it’s depressing. Someone got PAID for making that bit of pavement!

It reminds me – and all it takes is for one of these old ladies to hit her head as she falls – of the discovery, many years after the fact, that the shipyard used cheap rivets when they built the Titanic.


The specs were (as you can imagine) for solid, heavy-duty rivets, and the contractor tried to cut a corner. That’s why, when the ship hit the iceberg, it broke up. The rivets didn’t hold at the point of impact.

The people who made this useless pavement didn’t value it, or the people who would use it. They are no doubt completely oblivious to the damage they’ve done so many of their fellows, as they rack up the balls, stoke up the barbecue, load up the computer game. (This is usually the case with people who do damage, by the way. Try not to be one of them.)


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