creativity: it’s in the brief.

July 12, 2010

Kingston University students Jessica Reynolds and Serena Wise have won the D&AD Student Awards with their simple, yet innovative approach to a brief by IKEA. The brief was to “promote their new catalogue by inspiring ‘a wave of boundless change in people’s homes’.” (Grandiose, or what?)

You can see from the above picture what the girls did: they applied the tried-&-true concept of a colour wheel to IKEA’s products. What they literally didn’t do was reinvent the wheel: they took something that works and adapted it for their purposes. Jessica Reynolds said: After observing peopel in store, we noticed Ikea customers have an immediate response to the colour of a product and often a favourite accent colour.” Their submission includes a sample interactive room, which you can use to try out different colours of priducts.

Geraldine Stewart of Ikea, who was one of the judges, said (slightly ungrammatically, but we aren’t worrying about that right now): “By grouping our range in an innovative way, they managed to turn how we could represent our range on its head.”

And Greg Quinton, chairman of D&AD, says (even more ungrammatically): “Like the original concept behind the flat-pack brand Ikea, the colour wheel idea was brilliant by simply and boldly challenging the conventions of the day.”

But my favourite thing he said is this:

“My advice to graduates is not to look to what’s trendy right now but to really look at the brief. The answer always lies within it.”

Hat tip: Creative Review blog.


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