Direct marketers, beware

July 3, 2010

Are you sure you are engaging the people you are direct-marketing to?

Here is the text of an email I just sent to a company I registered with briefly some time ago, then changed my mind and cancelled my account.I’ll tell you what I didn’t bother to tell them.: that I’d had to go into their website, remember which email address I’d signed up with, click on “forgot your password?”, go to my email to check for it, go back to their site, go into my account details, find preferences, unsubscribe, try to canel my accounbt (again) only to be told it was not active (!), and then spend another five minutes trying to find, among the small print, a way of contacting them.

They are a Bad Company. Here is my email:


“Your records show that my membership is no longer active.” That is because I cancelled it over a year ago. SO WHY DO I STILL HAVE A SIGN-IN AND PASSWORD?

Why have I had to go through a huge rigamarole to stop getting intrusive emails from you? Why has it taken me ten minutes to figure out how to contact you? Why do you still hold all my details???

The very fact that I cancelled my account – at least I thought I did – should be enough to tell you I do NOT want you to email me, hold my details or in any other way remain in my LIFE. Just because you’re on the internet doesn’t mean you have some kind of right to have tentacles in me.

Your emails have been a constant irritation ever since I (thought I) cancelled my account. I have resisted putting the effort in that it was going to take to get rid of them, simply because you are a minor little thing and it didn’t even seem worth the effort. But now I’m doing it and guess what. I am SO glad I never PAID you for anything. UGH.

Please delete my information.

Thank you.

If I were them, I’d be wanting to make sure I didn’t get emails like that.


One Response to “Direct marketers, beware”

  1. Gavin said

    Awesome! You remind me of that Lynn Truss bird in that your attention to detail concerning spelling, grammar and punctuation make me feel that I am justified in being annoyed at the poor structure of text messages and emails I receive.
    Concerning this post. I too receive many irritating emails that I have thought too minor to bother doing anything about but tomorrow I will take steps to unsubscribe.
    I also love the Spell-checker Poem. I will print it out and pin it up at work. Do you sometimes feel your colleages just don’t think spelling is important as long as the meaning is conveyed? I do, perhaps I’m in the wrong line of work. I suspect my grammar is not good enough to be in the type of job where my colleages would care about spelling.

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