May 13, 2010

I think this is really brilliant. It not only points out in a visceral way how we live in a world now physically defined by branding and graphic selling. It uses that medium, which now our medium, to convey the message to us. And it does it merely by feeding our own experience back to us. Usually the simplest way through to a thing is the best.

People talk a lot about “creativity”, as if it were something you access externally and somehow tack onto your project. In my experience managers often aspire to it, but don’t appreciate what it is, and so they start a process talking about finding a new solution, and end up sticking to the same old thing, but telling themselves they’ve been really creative. They think creativity is fairy dust. What it really is is advanced problem-solving. It starts with attention and observation, and requires space for the ideas to come through. The fairy dust is the part where you trust yourself to make the leap, say something strong, do something bold. And, just like in The Wizard of Oz, there’s no use looking for it: it’s there all the time.

The film is by a fabulous Dutch film company called Studio Smack, whose website says: “Studio Smack produces work that in the first analysis has an autonomous value, but often also responds to developments in society; the so-called Design for Debate.”

Hat tip to Betarish.

Now I think I’m off to go look for a tree…


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