sometimes you gotta laugh, Ollie

February 15, 2010

And sometimes you gotta make yourself laugh. This video, by the very hardworking conceptual poet Ira Lightman, kind of worked for me.

Careful of the volume on this if you’re reading at work, but look what happens to Ira about halfway through.

Laurel and Hardy, who inspired this item of structured levity, certainly worked very hard in the service of laughter.  It’s worth working for, if you think about it. And it makes everything else better. Even meetings. Even reports. And certainly Powerpoint presentations. Because happier people produce better work. Wouldn’t you say so, Ollie?

Tell your manager you’re following the Laurel and Hardy Theory of Enhanced Productivity.

Happy Monday!


One Response to “sometimes you gotta laugh, Ollie”

  1. The only appropriate response is LOL.

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