it’s work, Jim…

December 8, 2009

Those were the days, my friend…

Okay, so I had good intentions here. But then I started a full-time contract, just as it got to be that terrible dark pre-Christmas time, and then three days into the job I got flu. A proper, stay-in-bed, something-is-driving-knives-into-my-throat virus. Now I’m back on the job and, a week later, still coughing a bit, but it’s better. I’m sure I’ll have some wit and wisdom for you son, as I ease myself – okay, plunge myself – back into the full-time life. Like the whitewater, pulsing with salmon, where the whole world you know is perpetually crowded – because you’re always either in the rush hour, doing your errands on a Saturday with everybody else, or queueing in the lunch hour with tout le monde – the neighbourhood you live in seems to become an artificial construct, and  seeing the inside of your own home during daylight is a rude shock. We all move around together, unable to bear too much individual action, and strangely obsessed with a need for archived email trails. If I start thinking the emails need printing out, shoot me!

Having said all which, it is good to have the chance to do what I’m good at, for proper money, none of that freeloaders-online rubbish, and have plans, and meet some people, and sit in meetings in proper clothes, with tights, and proper shoes, and talk about how the average employer has a reading age of 11 and the need to CUT JARGON.

Yes, yes…


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