Merry Christmas! unsubscribe.

November 6, 2009

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This not-yet-festive season, Text Pixels asks you:

Why are we SHOUTING?


Exactly how many catchy straplines do you need to use to catch your readers’ attention?

I mean, just in case your hapless direct mail recipients don’t like the first one, why not put another one below it, so they can see it when they scroll down?

And another one below that?

Assuming they do scroll down, of course.

Why waste an idea? Just chuck it on there!

And then an exhortation to SHOP NOW!?

Put all your straplines in a garish red box that fills the entire email, why don’t you.

If your readers scroll down far enough, they just  might reach your unsubscribe button.

“But before you go, please answer the following question:

If you don’t mind our asking, why are you unsubscribing?”

I receive too many emails in general
I receive too many emails from you
I have no time and/or am too busy
I am no longer interested in the content of these emails
I do not remember subscribing to this email
Emails seem to be mostly advertisements
I am not a subscriber and all content in email is for subscribers

Or, indeed: ALL OF THE ABOVE.

In fact, here we are in the real world. Not a hypothetical scenario at all. When I looked again at the email in question, it did seem to be from the publishers of a magazine whose e-newsletter I have subscribed to. But the newsletter itself is boring. And I get so many untargeted direct marketing and PR emails now that I’m just sick of it. And most of those (which, by the way, started after I subscribed to Gorkana’s media update service) don’t give me the luxury of an unsubscribe. So I’m just pathetically grateful for any unsubscribe I do get access to.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


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