a straightforward decision

July 28, 2009

Here it is: I can “Make cooking a pleasure with Ocado’s new kitchenware range,”


I can go to Morrisons and get a new saucepan, following the little misfortune we had last week involving a pan of baked beans.

Would the “cooking” have been any more of a “pleasure” had we been burning a one-of-a-set-of-three retailing at £55? I doubt it.

Am I just being negative? After all, Ocado can’t know they’re going directly against my own personal Zeitgeist. There are plenty of people still in work who crave a designer feel in their kitchens, or who simply value that Waitrose feeling. And it’s not the most over-the-top copy I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t plunge into unintended bathos. (If you click their link, though, you get a set of “mixing bowls” which turn out to be two mixing bowls, a colander, a sieve and some measuring cups. So hardly any prizes for accuracy. Perhaps the web team don’t know how to cook.)

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed cooking for years with only the most inadequate knives you can imagine. Nigella would freeze over if she saw. What I do have is good food (when it’s not burnt).


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